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Guérande and surrounding areas

Camping Domaine de Léveno presents you Guérande and its surroundings

Things to see in Guérande

Another particular feature of the domaine de Léveno, is the proximity of certain nearby facilities, independent of the campsite: horse riding, golf, "escalarbres" tree climbing, and many other activities linked to the ocean and its whims: fishing, sailing, jet-skiing

Guérande : a town famous for its salt marshes and the salt makers who work there, is situated at the western extremity of la Brière, a vast plain in the Loire-Atlantique set between the ocean and the inland regions of the pays de Loire. Although still as famous as ever, in its time it was rivalled by the salt beds of the Midi, following the industrial revolution and the arrival of the railways in the middle of the 19th century.

What to do nearby Guérande

The main features of La Baule are its tourist facilities, and its reputation throughout Europe for being one of the most beautiful in France. Its beach, which is shared with the towns of Pouligen and Pornichet, is 8 km in length, making it one of the longest in France.

La Baule has 126 km of cycle tracks allowing you to spend many hours of the day exploring by bicycle. Not forgetting its prestigious casino and coastal villas.

The Bière marsh is a regional nature park and a real ecological jewel. In order to protect and highlight the Breton marshes and their astonishing natural riches, the Parc de Brière has created: wet meadows, knolls, reed beds, canals, offering a wide diversity of fauna and flora which can be visited by boat.

Tourism nearby Guérande

Le Croisic is located on former rocky islands linked to the mainland by a deposit of sand which has formed La Baule dune. To the north is the port situated at the entrance of the traicts (inlets of the sea which penetrate inland. These feed into the salt marshes).


View(Sight) of the collegiate church St Aubin Round of golf Decoration of facade to Guérande Outer wall of the ramparts of Guérande Street show in front of ramparts View(Sight) of the staves(moats) of one ramparts strengthened and (...) La Baule les Pins Walked(Worked) to Guérande View(Sight) of the castle of Dukes de Bretagne in Nantes Nantes: the garden of plants Beach(Range) on the Atlantic Ocean The long beaches(ranges) of Brittany of the South Walk in boat in the Swamps of Brière The famous sea salt from Guérande The bridge(deck) of St Nazaire The Loire in St Nazaire The Beach(Range) of Baule les Pins Typical headgears of the region


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Don’t hesite to join by phone 24 79 30 or by mail info@camping-leveno.com

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