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Visit the campsite’s educational mini-farm, and get acquainted with goats, lop-eared rabbits, giant Flemish rabbits, ducks, chickens, and wallabies!


Rabbits are very common animals and everyone knows them. They appear in cartoons, art, literature, mythology, and also in the mini-farm of Guérande!

Domesticated species have been since the Middle Ages, which is relatively recent compared to other animals. Today, we find more than 100 domestic rabbit breeds worldwide, living according to species between 5 and 12 years old.

Come meet the curious inhabitants of Leveno during your holidays in the 44, near the Atlantic coast.

Ducks and hens

Everyone remembers the chickens and ducks that inhabited the gardens of our grandparents. Today’s children do not always have the chance to know these pets, which are a part of many beautiful childhood memories.

Several varieties of chickens roam freely in the mini-farm of Guérande campsite. The most intriguing of them is the silk hen, formerly called "black-silk". In addition to being physically very pretty, she is gentle and sociable.

The goats

Goats are no longer animals to present. Domesticated for more than 12,000 years by man for his milk, wool, meat and leather, today there are still some wild species in the mountains of the Middle East and the Caucasus.

The notorious feature of this animal is found in his eyes and more precisely in his pupils in the form of rectangle lying horizontally, allowing a wide field of vision. A goat weighs on average between 15 and 80kg depending on the species and lives around 14 years.


These small animals compared to their kangaroos, are native to Tasmania and Eastern Australia. It has thick fur that allows it to withstand low temperatures and be very comfortable in our European climate.

You find them in many French zoological parks but also since 2019, in the mini-farm of your 4-star campsite near the sea. The wallabies like to live in a small group, a tribe of 5 individuals waiting for you to visit the estate from Léveno.

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