Qualified animators serving your children

The children’s club of Domaine de Léveno

The children’s club opens its doors during the Easter holidays and welcomes children from 4 to 12 years old. During the summer holidays, the groups are divided into three age groups, the 4-7 years, the 8-10 years and the 11-13 years.
All of the activity leaders are qualified professionals. They are trained to ensure each child’s moral and physical security while proposing activities that contribute to their development.

The children’s club varied activity program is set according to the age of the children. From manual activities to large outdoor games and exceptional events in the vast leisure areas of the holiday village, such as the meadow or the educational mini-farm, the program is geared towards the fulfilment of the youngest.

The campsite mini-club

The Domaine de Léveno children’s club is located in the heart of a playground , close to the living space and the reception. In July-August, it is possible to go there with the small tourist train of the campsite.

From the inside, we can enjoy the view of the water park and a play area with slides and colorful foam falling mats.

A varied program is based on the age of the children. Between manual activities, great outdoor games and exceptional events, the large leisure areas of the holiday village , such as the meadow or mini educational farm, allow the full development of young occupants of the Pays de la Loire club campsite.

Mini Disco

Express yourself and let yourself be carried away by Leveno’s vibrant mini-discos. In the presence of Capi, the squirrel mascot, your children are invited to a mini party where they can dance and play games around the big stage.

Children’s show

An extraordinary experience for the children, and a sense of pride for the parents.
Every week, the children’s club puts on a big show presented to the audience on the campsite’s main stage.

Important note

A participation of 1 euro is required for certain activities. The maximum capacity of the mini club is 30 children and is on registration. Depending on the affluence, the campsite reserves the right to limit access to 3 half-days per child for a stay of one week.

Workshop(Studio) for young budding(in the blade) artists The castle of the quite small Playground: corner(place) sport Playground for the children Children playing on the portico(gantry) of the Kid club The kingdom of the quite small The castle of the toddlers Children beginning a part(party) of mini golf The mini golf of the campsite(camping) The gaming room The children and their bikes Finale of tournaments of football